Appeals against registration by a child/young person or a parent

A parent or young person may record dissent in relation to a particular decision and this will be responded to as outlined in the section on dissent.

If however a parent or young person wishes to appeal against a decision to register, retain on the register, de-register or not register at all, they may do so by contacting the head of service within 5 working days.  This should be in writing. The social worker can assist with this if necessary. The head of service should respond fully in writing to the person who made the appeal within 28 days.

The Co-ordinator, Children Services should ensure that parents and young people are aware of their right to appeal decisions about registration.

Appeals and complaints are very different and should be responded to in different ways.  Complaints should be dealt with using South Ayrshire Council’s complaints procedure. The team leader or social worker should advise of the formal complaints procedure and give the parents and/or child a leaflet.