Child protection conferences – invitations, attendance and composition

The team leader is responsible for deciding who should be invited to the conference and ensuring that invitations are done promptly.

The conference should be attended by a social worker and a team leader, preferably those most directly involved in the case, unless in exceptional circumstances. The co-ordinator, children services should avoid convening a child protection conference with only social work staff present if possible.

The number of people involved in a conference should be limited to those with a need to know or those who have a contribution to make to the tasks identified. In addition to local authority social workers, social work staff from institutions, e.g. hospitals and prisons, should also be invited where appropriate. Other participants might include the reporter, health professionals, police, teachers, psychologists, voluntary organisations, procurator fiscal, and armed services staff where children of services’ personnel are involved. Parents and carers, and where appropriate children, should be encouraged to attend conferences.