Involvement of children/young people at child protection conferences

The Co-ordinator, Children Services will make the final decision as to whether or not the child should attend the Child Protection Case Conference. He/she should consider the child/young person’s level of understanding and the child/young person’s best interests. Efforts should be made to gauge the wishes of the child/young person.

The social worker must prepare the child /young person for the child protection conference by explaining its purpose and format. A leaflet should be given to the child/young person.

The social worker should advise the child/young person that he/she can bring a person of his/her choice to the child protection conference for support.

The child, if he or she is of an age to understand, should be referred to Barnardo’s Hear 4 U or Who Cares Scotland Advocacy Services if the child is accommodated. The worker from the advocacy service will ascertain the child’s views and can attend the case conference, with or without the child, as appropriate.

Where a child/young person attends the full child protection conference he/she should receive a copy of the full minute.

When a child/young person attends part of the child protection conference the Co-ordinator, Children Services should send them a summary of the discussion and decisions.