Minutes of the child protection conference

Minutes of child protection conferences should be taken by a minute taker who has undergone training in child protection minute taking.

The minutes of the child protection conference should be completed on the standard minute form and circulated to those attending and to those invited but unable to attend.  The chairperson is responsible for making any alterations to inaccuracies noted by those in attendance.

The minutes should include, as a minimum:

      • essential facts
      • details of the child protection plan including allocation of roles and responsibilities
      • a list of all decisions/recommendations including whether the conference decided to place the child or any other children in the family on the child protection register
      • reasons for decision to refer/not to refer to the reporter
      • an account of the process of the discussion and the reasons for recommendations
      • identity of the social worker and team leader
      • a note of any dissent or appeal against decisions regarding registration
      • date of review conference

The chairperson will ensure that the minutes of the child protection conference are accurate and that they are distributed to the appropriate agencies and, where appropriate, the parents within five working days of the child protection conference.