Supervision of child protection cases

The team leader should provide the necessary support and supervision to the social worker, in accordance with South Ayrshire Children’s Services supervision policy.

The team leader should check and countersign the case record not less than once every two weeks

The team leader should record the supervision sessions and include in the case record any specific instructions given to the staff involved

The team leader should arrange cover if the social worker is absent and record this in the case record.

The team leader should up-date the child protection register (central and local) regarding any significant changes, including a change of address.

The team leader should acknowledge that some cases, particularly complex ones, will be time consuming and consideration needs to be given to workload management and the possibility of more than one worker being involved.

The team leader should ensure that the social worker understands and adheres to agency policies and practices and make certain that the social worker has sufficient understanding and knowledge of the particular issues involved in the case to work effectively.

The team leader must determine if any violence to staff issues exist which may potentially impact of the social worker’s physical safety and professional effectiveness in working with the family.

The team leader should highlight and record critical information for discussion with the Co-ordinator, Children Services e.g. immediate increased support, family or young person gone missing, family move to another area, need for emergency procedures or immediate child protection conference.

If the team leader is absent the Co-ordinator, Children Services should arrange cover.

The team leader should keep under review the duration of a worker’s involvement with the family to avoid possible desensitisation to the child’s circumstances.