Transfer child protection conference

A transfer child protection conference considers arrangements to transfer cases when a family moves to another area within another local authority.

The originating team is the team responsible for the management of the case prior to the family’s move.

The receiving team is the team covering the area into which the family has moved or plans to move.

Transfer CPCCs specifically cover the transfer of information about a child where a child protection plan is currently in place. Only a review CPCC can de-register a child from the child protection register. Where a child and/or their family move permanently to another local authority area, the original local authority will notify the receiving local authority immediately, then follow up the notification in writing.

Where the child moves to another authority the originating authority needs to assess this change in circumstances. If there is felt to be a reduction in risk the originating authority should arrange a review CPCC to consider the need for ongoing registration, or, if appropriate, de-registration. In such circumstances it would be best practice for an appropriate member of staff from the receiving authority to attend the review. Where the original authority considers that the risk is ongoing or even increased by the move, the receiving local authority is responsible for convening the transfer CPCC. This should be held within the timescales of the receiving local authority’s initial CPCC arrangements but within a maximum of 21 calendar days.

Where a child and their family move from one Scottish authority to another then:

      • if the child has a child protection plan, the case records and/or file needs to go with the child; or
      • if the child is subject to a supervision requirement, the case records and/or file needs to go with the child.

Where a child was on the child protection register previously in another area, the receiving authority should request the child’s file from the previous authority (if still available).