Transfer of child protection cases within South Ayrshire

If a case is transferred between teams within South Ayrshire a transfer child protection case conference is not required: transfer would take place between team leaders and social workers at the next review child protection case conference.

Before a registered case is officially transferred from one worker to another within a local fieldwork team or between local teams, a full written transfer summary must have been completed. A joint meeting involving the respective workers and their seniors must have been held and a joint transfer visit to the family by the relevant social workers must have taken place.


Key points

The transfer child protection conference should be held in a location which facilitates the attendance of all the relevant agencies in the receiving area. It is crucial that the agencies who are to be involved on an ongoing basis are able to be present.

The full case file including case notes will be passed at the point of transfer by the team leader of the originating team to the team leader of the receiving team.

The team leader of the originating team should retain a copy of the file when a child has moved to another local authority area.

A transfer child protection conference cannot consider de-registration.  If de-registration is considered a possibility this must be done at a subsequent review child protection conference.

Note:  This applies even under circumstances where the receiving authority does not consider that the criteria for registration have been met.