Investigation of allegations of physical neglect – specific issues

Information in the section entitled “Investigations of Allegations of Child Abuse” applies here.

If the alleged physical neglect is acute, immediate action must be considered.  However, in general, emergency measures are not common. This type of concern is more likely to be cumulative.

There are overlaps with other types of abuse such as failure to thrive, and emotional abuse. Physical neglect is frequently found when there are concerns about drug or alcohol misuse by the parent/s or carers. An initial assessment of alcohol or drug use, in partnership with addiction staff, if they are involved, is required. If they are not involved, a referral to addiction services for assessment and support should be considered.

A comprehensive developmental medical examination should be considered and a full assessment, using South Ayrshire’s GIRFEC framework is likely to be required.

Where child protection concerns are identified and/or concerns arising from the medical examination and/or assessment, the co-ordinator, children services should consider whether a initial child protection case conference should be convened.