Key points

South Ayrshire Child Protection training strategy aims to develop a more competent and confident workforce to deliver better outcomes for children and young people. It demonstrates our approach and commitment to child protection training and continuous staff development for all staff.

The objectives of the child protection training strategy are:

      • To provide a strategic framework and approach for child protection training in South Ayrshire Council;
      • To develop a competent and confident workforce by the provision of effective child protection training;
      • To provide good quality, evidence-based child protection training opportunities which are robust, fit for purpose, highly evaluated and regularly quality assured; and
      • To contribute towards the care and protection of children and families by promoting the principles of early identification, intervention and support, reflective of the GIRFEC practice model and approach.

South Ayrshire Council publishes a child protection training programme in April of each year, which is informed by the child protection training needs analysis. The programme is available to staff on the council’s intranet site and training systems.

Staff are expected to participate in core child protection training every three years at a level which is consistent with their role; however awareness raising in relation to procedures to follow should be carried out by managers/team leaders every year.

South Ayrshire Council has also developed a child protection training pathway for all staff, paid and unpaid. The pathway includes both core child protection courses, which are compulsory for some staff, as well as a broader range of non-compulsory courses for the protection of children and young people.